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Call for a hand model and recipe.

Today, dish meets art under the theme of "finger food."

Each country's finger food will be art with these rules
1: have each country's native as a hand model
2: colored by each country's flag colors
3: with its resipe in each country's language

So far...
(an alphabetical order)
England, chips
France, canape
Italy, bruschetta
Japan, tawara musubi
Spain, champinones al ajillo

Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia, pisang goreng
Peru, maiz cancha
Korea, kimbap
Singapore, otah

to be continued... with your help!
For those who are chosen for a part of this series, free its JPEG data of your contribution will be sent.

For questions, submitting your hand pictures AND recipe, further information, purchasing works:
mail(at mark)

Artworks are for sale
A3 poster (1 copy each, on-demand printing) 3,315yen (incl. tax and C.O.D. shipping domestic Japan)

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